Friday, January 10, 2014

Pathological Myopic Degeneration

Myopia: when parallel beam of light coming from infinity focus in front of retina called Myopia when accommodation being rest. This is the meaning of Myopia.
Myopia is categorized as Physiological Myopia and other is Pathological Myopia.
Physiological Myopia is completely curable by Ayurvedic Treatment at any age but better improvement in early age ( up to 20 years of age) while with the progression of age possibility gradually reduces.
Pathological Myopia is due to the degenerative changes in retina. This type of problem is curable only in early stages of disease while in advance stage only we can stop the progression of disease.

So please be careful for your eyes if any problem in vision. You must consult your eye specialist at regular checkup because many people can not observe the problems.

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