Sunday, October 27, 2013

Retinitis Pigmentosa With High Myopia & Its Ayurvedic Treatment

Retinitis Pigmentosa With High Myopia & Its Ayurvedic Treatment

       Retinitis Pigmentosa is defined as degeneration in retina or dystrophy. Mostly cases cause of Retinitis pigmentosa is hereditary but in our practice we saw a lot of cases in which no family history of this disease. 


  1. Initial  symptoms is Night Blindness gradually loss of vision in dim light and night, like difficulty in stepping of leder and patient ignore the condition because  they do not know the condition of this type problems.
  2. Loss of Peripheral vision because mainly Rod cells of retina are degenerated in early stages and rod cells are responsible for dim light vision and peripheral vision, so initial symptoms are found in that areas.
  3. Tunnel vision, when all rod cells are damaged only cones and some rods cell are present then found tunnel vision, the person only seen straight like Horse (when a eye cap is apply).
  4. Floaters may be seen in front of eyes due to degeneration part not able  transfer signals to brain.
  5. complete blind, this condition is develops in most advanced stages (10-40 yrs duration of disease) 
  6. In later stages some patients complained colorful appearance like rainbow or single color whole day like yelow, blue etc. 

Case Study..

    Mr Vinay  Jindal 28 yrs old patients suffering from Night Blindness and defective distance vision (high Myopia) using power glass -12 D in both eyes. power glass using since childhood and power of glasses is gradually increasing till now. After bearing -12 D power glass vision is 6/60 both eye in initial stage, after taking Panchkarma therapy advised by Dr Pramod Chaudhary under supervision for 18 days in which included snehpaan, Whole body massage, Herbal steam bath, virechana, Sirodhara etc. Patient feeling better improvement he feels more brightness in vision and visual acuity is 6/36 both eye with glasses.
Patient under treatment and hoping further improvement in vision gradually..

Dr Pramod Chaudhary
M.S. Ayurvedic ophthalmology